Ural Ballet

The first ballet performance was given in Ekaterinburg in 1914; ten years later, ballets became an essential part of the repertoire. The repertoire has always embraced classical ballets and new choreography created for our theater. Some of the most famous Soviet choreographers such as Leonid Yakobson, Yuri Grigorovich, Igor Belsky, Natalia Kasatkina, and Vladimir Vasilyov worked here.

The ballet company opened a new page in 2011 under the leadership of Slava Samodurov. He built a distinctive repertoire and, together with the Eurasia Ballet Foundation, rendered regular support to young choreographers — through the Dance-Platform project and annual gala concerts. Performances were broadcast in Russian movie theaters and worldwide. The ballet company presented its performances at annual international festivals. Today, it ranks among the best ballet companies in Russia and is known under the short and concise name — Ural Ballet.

Choreographer Maxim Petrov became its Artistic Director in 2023. As before, Ural Ballet stays committed to its goals – preservation and maintenance of ballets from the past and moving into the future by extending its repertoire together with Russian choreographers and composers.